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iCode Vienna

419A East Maple Avenue
Vienna, Virginia

If you have any questions please contact Toni Escobedo

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About iCode

Whether it's summer, spring break or just a school holiday, we've got a camp for that! A big reason kids should learn programming is that it teaches them skills like critical thinking, problem solving, outside-of-the box thinking, perseverance, and more. These soft skills paired with technical skills will set them up to compete for the jobs of tomorrow! 

Here at iCode, we offer STEAM education to kids to supplement what they aren't getting in traditional schools. Many schools struggle to offer a quality STEM program due to factors like the need for a quick evolving curriculum and the expensive equipment which also must be updated regularly to keep up with technology. 

We have equipped our campuses with the latest tech including VEX robotics, drones, Apple computers, 3D printers, raspberry pi, and more, as our curriculum goes beyond coding and covers fundamentals in several STEAM areas including programming, engineering, electrical circuitry, digital design and more!